Solarpark Würzburg

Installed capac­i­ty: ca. 110 kWp
Würzburg, Bavaria, Ger­many
Issu­ing vol­ume: 99,999€
until 17.10.2022
Expect­ed returns: 5,5% p.a.
CO2: ca. 72t p.a.
(avoid­ance fac­tor 627g CO2-Äq./kWh)

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The pho­to­volta­ic project in the heart of Bavaria

SENS LSG GmbH devel­oped the project Würzburg as a pho­to­volta­ic facil­i­ty on an area of 8,000qm in the heart of Bavaria. The facil­i­ty has been in oper­a­tion since 2005 on a pre­vi­ous­ly unused area of the indus­tri­al area of Würzburg and enables with a total of 465 mod­ules and a total out­put of 110kWp a sav­ing of about 72t CO2 per year.

With an area of over 70,000 square kilo­me­ters and the high­est glob­al radi­a­tion in all of Ger­many, the state of Bavaria has huge poten­tial for pho­to­volta­ic sys­tems and is there­fore often referred to the sun­shine coun­try””. With just under 4.7 dai­ly hours of sun­shine, Bavaria is above the nation­al aver­age. The annu­al glob­al radi­a­tion is sim­i­lar. This amounts to around 1,120 kilo­watt hours per year in Bavaria. It’s the per­fect place for our renew­able ener­gy project.

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