What’s good for soci­ety is also good for my port­fo­lio

Many peo­ple I talk to label sus­tain­able invest­ments as niche prod­ucts with low expect­ed returns. I say bull­shit! The last ten years have shown incred­i­ble growth in impact invest­ing. And that’s just the begin­ning!

Impact invest­ments are the future

The impact invest­ment mar­ket is still in its infan­cy, espe­cial­ly in Ger­many — but it is gain­ing tremen­dous momen­tum. Why is that? Bank of Amer­i­ca recent­ly found in a study that high sus­tain­abil­i­ty com­pa­nies had 47% high­er returns than their low sus­tain­abil­i­ty coun­ter­parts, while show­ing low­er volatil­i­ty. Jack­pot.

By the way, read our whitepa­per to learn more about why impact invest­ments already often exceed the expect­ed returns of con­ven­tion­al invest­ment vehi­cles.

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Your ben­e­fits

Grow­ing mar­ket

Demand for green invest­ments and for impact invest­ments in par­tic­u­lar is sky­rock­et­ing. Since 2015, the mar­ket has increased almost a hun­dred­fold in Ger­many (from 70 mil­lion to around 6.5 bil­lion euros).

Good return

Sus­tain­able invest­ments often per­form bet­ter than tra­di­tion­al finan­cial prod­ucts. In a sur­vey by the GIIN, more than 90% of impact investors said their return expec­ta­tions were met or exceed­ed.

Full trans­paren­cy

You decide what you indi­rect­ly invest your mon­ey in, not some fund man­ag­er. Through the Wat­ti­fy app, you can mon­i­tor the cur­rent sta­tis­tics of your project, infor­ma­tion about your invest­ments, cur­rent returns and your ROI on a dai­ly basis.

Big ide­al­ism, small return?

No! Impact invest­ments are not a niche for old-68s. In a GIIN sur­vey, 88% of respon­dents said their finan­cial expec­ta­tions were met or exceed­ed. Near­ly all of them were seek­ing returns in line with the mar­ket. Impact invest­ments def­i­nite­ly don’t get in the way of returns. On the con­trary.

Full trans­paren­cy — isn’t that just a phrase?

Wat­ti­fy dis­clos­es all project data: We make gen­er­at­ed ener­gy, avoid­ed CO2 emis­sions and cur­rent return direct­ly vis­i­ble. The sus­tain­able blockchain we devel­oped, in com­bi­na­tion with smart meter gate­ways, enables the liq­ue­fac­tion of the project in the form of tokens (asset & return) and a decen­tral­ized dis­tri­b­u­tion to investors, depend­ing on the invest­ment amount.

In the end, don’t I do it all for my clear con­science?

Of course, with impact invest­ments at Wat­ti­fy, you’re also doing some­thing for your good con­science. Who of us does­n’t feel like mak­ing a good dif­fer­ence? At the same time, impact invest­ments rep­re­sent a new devel­op­ment in the finan­cial mar­ket and can bal­ance your port­fo­lio. At Wat­ti­fy, you can invest indi­rect­ly in renew­able ener­gy, which has been under­rep­re­sent­ed among most investors. And as I said, in terms of prof­it, our prod­ucts can do far more than some peo­ple give them cred­it for!

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